Tea Party rallies its forces in Williston


The North Dakota Tea Party Caucus hosted rallies in seven different cities across the state on Monday.

A press release on the rallies said  the purpose of the rallies was to “bring concerned citizens of North Dakota together to express Constitutional solutions in what is the most important election in a generation.”

The rally in Williston was held at the Airport International Inn and hosted four speakers who voiced the anger many people feel toward the vast amount of inaction they have seen in the current administration. The speakers and also spoke of ways to try and change things in this country for the better.

The first speaker on Monday night was Cathy Cartier. Cartier is the vice chairman of Empower the Taxpayer, a non-profit organization, as well as the secretary-treasurer for her local GOP.

Cartier spoke on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and opened with a quote by Illinois state senate candidate Barbara Bellar describing the inadequacies of the healthcare system under President Obama.

Labeling Obamacare as a creation for the denial of treatment, Cartier said the act should have been called “The End of Your Life Options,” because it allows a panel to tell you if your terminal illness can be treated or not.

She also noted that Illegal immigrants are more free than U.S. citizens, because they will not be forced to pay for health care.

Many doctors have decided not to accept government healthcare and thereby will force many people to travel long distances just to get basic health care, she said.

To close out her speech, Cartier said that Obamacare is chiseling away at citizens’ liberty and free will, and the people should pray for our country, a common theme throughout the evening.

The next speaker was Justin LeBar from Tioga.

LeBar based his speech around the famous speech entitled “The Proper Role of Government” by former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Benson.

LeBar argued that the current government had abandoned the Constitution of the Founding Fathers. The government is supposed to protect the rights of the people, and the people must reject the belief that a person’s rights come from the government.

The people can only grant the government the powers they have themselves, LeBar said.

The solution to the problems in the country is for the people to changes themselves, LeBar said.

“Things will not change for the better until we change for the better,” he said.

Next was Robert Harms, a lawyer from Bismarck who was the former council to the Governor’s office. Harms spoke on how to get the the Tea Party to become more effective.

Harms said the founding fathers debated for months before they finally came to agreement. The founding fathers eventually used reason and history to shape the Constitution. Harms said that the leadership of this country needed to be removed because they have failed to live up to the fundamental ideas of the founding fathers

The Senate must be removed, according to Harms, because they have not presented the country with a budget since 2007. He went on to say current North Dakota senator Kent Conrad was one of the big players in this problem.

To get the Tea Party to be more effective in these elections, Harms said that people must get educated on the issues and bring friends along to rallies to help get more people motivated.

The biggest way to be more effective, according to Harms, was to stop all the name calling that goes on in the current political atmosphere.

The final speaker Monday night was Mark Skogerboe, a radio host in Tioga, Constitutional scholar and self-described “Freedom Poet.” He is also the author of a book called Three-fold Plan To Save America.

Skogerboe was the most fiery and passionate of the speakers and got things started by calling President Obama an evil man and accusing him of hating the United States.

Skogerboe also said that President Obama was impeachable on at least 10 different levels, and the agenda of the Obama presidency was aggressively Atheist, Socialist and Communist.

The current leadership is unfit to lead, Skogerboe said, because they don’t know what it’s like to fight and sacrifice everything like the founding fathers did.

Skogerboe urged the audience to find a candidate that best supports the Constitution and then support them with time and money. He also said the audience should pray, because the American people have a battle on their hands.

“We are at war, and we are losing,” Skogerboe said. “We have a government that hates wealth and hates success.”

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